Woman shares £1 tip to rid your kettle of limescale and leave it

If you’re fed up of seeing limescale floating around in your kettle when you make a brew, it’s time to do something about it.

There’s plenty of options to tackle the problem, from kettles with in-built filters to small metal balls to trap it – but one cleaning fan think she’s found the perfect solution for just £1. 

Posting to the Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK Facebook group, she shared a photo of her formerly grubby kettle which now looks as good as new thanks to a bargain buy from Wilko.

All she used was Wilko’s own ‘Drop in kettle descaler’ which promises to remove 100 per cent of limescale in just 10 minutes.

She said the kettle had been caked in limescale, sharing a photo of a second appliance which was yet to undergo the treatment to show how bad it had got, adding she had used the treatment twice to get it sparkling again.

The results speak for themselves
(Image: Facebook)
The product has got glowing reviews on Wiko’s website
(Image: Wilko)

She wrote: “Highly recommend this product, I didn’t take a ‘before’ pic but honestly this kettle was as bad as this other one I have.

“Wilko’s descaler produced amazing results!! Had to do two applications though and left it a little longer than the recommended 10 mins.”

The product has a five-star rating on Wilko’s website, with many happy customers commenting it had completely rid their kettle of limescale as promised.

After sharing the tip with the other 1.5 million members of the group, many others also recommended the product, as one commented: “I have used too. It’s brilliant. Zero effort from us. Just follow instructions and sit back!”

A second said: “I use this product, does a fantastic job sometimes need to reboil the kettle to get the scale off but comes up great.”

Another added: “I use this stuff all the time, it’s brill. I always leave it longer and do extra boils to make sure it’s all gone.”

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