What’s the Best LEGO Set, Brick Masters?

Just recently, I have actually started to enter into building and construction toys. I recently wrote about the brand-new Pokémon Mega Construx sets, which brought some much-needed tension relief to my life. After evaluating one for this website, I wound up buying another. It’s safe to say that I’m hooked and aiming to include this hobby into my ever-expanding rotation. That’s got me thinking about LEGOs. I was always more of a K’Nex kid, so I missed out on the full LEGO experience. Now, it feels like I have a 2nd possibility to have that phase.


So today, I wish to know what is the very best LEGO set ever. I won’t lie; part of the factor I’m asking this is for my own advantage. I’ve been harassing every pal I have for LEGO suggestions so I can stock up on a few sets. I’ve gotten some exceptional recommendations, from Bugattis to space stations, however I could constantly utilize more. After all, there are way too many sets to choose from. Do I choose a typical set? Something from the Creator 3-in-1 series? Maybe the Ideas series is the very best? All I desire is some bricks to assemble while I view cricket, dang it!

I’m not simply asking this for myself, however. We’re really curious to hear what our readers think the best set of all time is. As I said, there are numerous sets out there. You begin to forget how deep and unusual LEGO history addresses a certain point. Every when in and a while, I’ll find that an amazing set exists and ask “How have I never seen this?” That’s the energy I’m hoping our readers can give the table this week. Let’s dig deep through the proverbial brick box and collect some incredible sets.

I’m delighted to see everybody’s A-game here, so let’s see some nominations. Here are some fast guidelines to follow.

1) Your nomination needs to include the name of a specific LEGO set, why you believe it’s the best, a link where it can be purchased, and an image. 2) You can nominate several items, but please put every one in a separate remark.

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