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Hi! I’ve been writing Lifehacker’s esteemed Tech 911 suggestions column for three years and running, with a brand-new installment showing up every Friday at 9 a.m. ET (conserve for the periodic holiday day). I ‘d like to maintain that speed– but t o get us through this summertime, I require more of your tech questions. Anything you’ve got, toss it my way.


I’ve released around 150 columns or two, give or take, which means I have actually assisted that many people get through the quirkiest of technological concerns. We’ve walked through the valley of “How did pornography get on my gadget” together; we have actually staved off pandemic-induced social isolation by bring back access to hacked Facebook accounts; we’ve talked a lot about networking. (W hat’s more vital for self-induced COVID isolation than an excellent wifi connection? Aside From Woman Scout cookies, I suggest.).

However, the mailbag is beginning to feel a little light, and I want to make certain that you’re not feeling neglected. If you have a question associated to technology, huge or little, send it my method by clicking right here. That will introduce an email with the subject line already auto-populated, which is how I discover your letters in the sea of press releases that washes over my inbox every day. If you’re stumped for a topic, anything tech-related is fair game:.

Need to know why your Chrome web browser keeps flickering? Happy to assist.

Required some purchasing advice for a new wireless router? Strike me up.

Pissed that your stretching Steam library makes it too difficult to find games that you might wish to play? I can fix that.

Experiencing a cracked, broken, cigarette smoking.

Looking for a freeware or open-source alternative to an app that costs a lot of money? I like these.

Even if there’s something you want to do, however have no idea how to start– such as finding out which of the many coaxial outlets in your home in fact work, and how to link up the rest of them without spending a fortune– I’m here for you. Even if I don’t know the specific service to your very particular problem, I can stroll you through all the troubleshooting I can think about (or research) so you can feel confident that you haven’t missed anything apparent. I certainly don’t desire you to call in more costly help if there’s an easy option you didn’t understand.

While the very best method to get your question addressed is by sending me an email detailing the problem (consisting of any solutions you have actually currently attempted along with screenshots or photos, as needed), you can likewise shoot me a tweet You can even leave a comment on this post if you truly want to. I’m here to assist.

Do you have a tech concern keeping you up during the night? Sick of repairing your Windows or Mac? Looking for recommendations on apps, web browser extensions, or utilities to accomplish a particular job? Let us know! Inform us in the comments listed below or e-mail.

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