How to Make Google Assistant Pronounce Your Call Properly

Google is updating Google Assistant with better contextual learning features that must make the digital helper more precise. Among the modifications is the ability to teach Google Assistant how to properly pronounce names– after a little bit of self-started voice training.


Before the upgrade, Google Assistant would pronounce your preferred label based on its spelling only. If it couldn’t state your name rather right, you could attempt to assist it by spelling the name phonetically in the Assistant’s settings. However, you can now teach it how to say your name by talking to it directly. Here’s how:

State “Hey Google” or tap the Google Assistant icon on your device to call Google Assistant, then tap the Settings button from the bottom menu. (You can likewise access this menu from Android’s settings under Settings > App & alerts > Assistant > See all Assistant Settings.) Scroll down and tap “Fundamental Details” then select “Nickname.” Tap “Play” to hear Google Assistant’s present pronunciation. To change it using your voice, choose “Record your own.” Tap “Record” then say your name aloud. Google assistant will stop recording and save what you said after you end up speaking. It will then state your name out loud back to you. If you’re satisfied with the pronunciation you can now back out of the settings. If it’s not right, tap “Record” to attempt once again.

The new voice training function is rolling out now, but might not be available for all users yet. In the meantime, you can still teach Google Assistant to pronounce your name the old-fashioned way– or a minimum of attempt to. Defining your name phonetically won’t constantly lead to a precise pronunciation, but it deserves attempting if the new technique isn’t available for you yet, or if Google Assistant still has a hard time to understand your voice.

In Google Assistant’s settings, go to Fundamental Details > Nickname. Select “Spell it out.” Type out your name phonetically. Press “Play” to hear how Google Assistant pronounces the new spelling.

The brand-new voice training likewise works for teaching Google Assistant to pronounce names of contacts saved in Google Assistant’s “Your People” list.

Open Google Assistant’s settings. Scroll down and select “Your People.” Tap a contact to open their details, or choose “Add individual” to include someone from your conserved contacts list, or develop a new contact. While modifying the individual’s contact details, scroll down to Name Pronunciation. Tap “Tape-record your own” to alter the pronunciation based upon your voice, or tap “Spell it out” to type out the pronunciation phonetically. Tap “Conserve” when you’re done.

Together with the brand-new voice training, Google also revealed changes to help Assistant recognize contextual phrasing and more precisely act on your recent questions or commands. You can read more about these modifications and the brand-new voice training in the official Google post.

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