How to Display Your Books Like a More Sophisticated Adult

Bookshelves have become the main informal background for Zoom discussions. I can’t count the variety of meetings where I’ve seen the speaker sitting in front of a wall of books, all strategically put, and it makes good sense: Nice-looking bookcases look expert. Elegant, even. They display a sense of sophistication that others will discover.


Take the Twitter account Bookcase Reliability, for example, as a fantastic location for knowing (and judging) bookcase plan. It’s an art, not a science. So, it’s time to get tidy. Here are some innovative ways of organizing your books to make a strong impression.

Think about organizing your books by color

Carrie from the home organization site Lemonade likes to take the sleeves off of books to expose the books’ natural look and color. After eliminating the sleeves, you can arrange each book based upon their specific color. All of your blue books should be together, red books, yellow books, and so on. Carrie discusses she likes to group books by color however not necessarily in rainbow order, stacking some books on their side as a focal point and a method to make the space pop.

Organizers like Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of The Home Edit like to stick faithfully to the rainbow order they call the ROYGBIV approach. “Our brains innately recognize this pattern, making sense of where to put things,” the duo explains. You can arrange the books by size to help the circulation.

Show your books in wall boxes

A sleeker method to show your books is with ornamental wall boxes. To begin, take differently-sized boxes and organize them nevertheless you like on your walls. Create a big box with the smaller boxes, or a staircase progression up the walls– whichever mix inspires you the most. Location a couple of books in each box– not many that they look stuffed, and not too few where it appears like something is missing out on. For a display like this, choose titles you desire people to see, as display screen boxes are a possibility to display your taste.

Use a suspension book rack to make a declaration

One unique way to display books is a suspension book rack. You’ll be the talk of the Zoom with this custom screen, where a wood rail is held on the wall with elegant clothespins and strings are covered inside your books’ covers so they suspend. (Do not stress, this hanging method will not harm your books.) You can discover this custom-made hanging system on Etsy, but it costs to be this unique, running a minimum of $160, from what I found.


Make coffee tables and nightstands with larger books

An overflow of books can mess up your bookshelves, so while you’re tidying up your library or office, take your rejected books to make a custom-made nightstand or coffee table. The Spruce recommends just using your hardcover books to make certain you have a tough structure. After stacking your books spine-side out, simply put a slab of wood or glass on top. The style offers an excellent chance to include the color-coding approach, too, as you can use brighter books to develop a brilliant focal point, or darker books to match darker woods.


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