Earn $30/Hour as an Expert Candy Taste Tester

Do you like sweet? Do you have viewpoints about it? Are you trying to find a task? If you answered “yes” to all three questions, you might be interested in discovering more about a position that will pay you cash money to taste-test sweet. And no, this isn’t among those “dream task” contests– it’s an actual function with a sweet business. Here’s what you require to understand.

The position

There’s not simply one task up for grabs: Sweet Funhouse is hiring 10 people to taste some candy. Two of those positions are full-time (working 8-hour shifts) and the other eight are part-time (15 hours a week). They all pay $30/hour.


Although both advertisements indicate that the positions can be done from another location, they also state that the full-time position needs the sweet tasting to be carried out in individual– which most likely will be in Mississauga, Ontario, where the business is based. That’s type of confusing, but cross that bridge when you get to it, I think?

And here’s what the tasks require:

Confectionary Taste Evaluating Taste samples objectively

Consider elements of Taste, Texture, and Quality

Full-time Position will require face to face taste screening

Part Time Position will have confectionary items delivered remotely Quick Item Description and Ranking Candidates will follow our internal confectionary score system

A brief, 2 sentence description will be needed for each product checked

These descriptions may be incorporated on our website and social media

The requirements

According to the ad, choice will be offered to candidates who have an interest in candy, pop culture and media. Here are the other certifications needed for the task:

A high school diploma

Standard writing skills

Good communication abilities

Fluent in English

Enthusiastic about confectionary

Being a U.S. or Canadian person

Not having any food allergies

Being at least 18-years old

No candy-specific experience is required.

How to use

Complete the application for either the full-time or part-time position. The last day to apply is February 15, 2021.

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