A Ratatouille Musical Is Taking Over TikTok and It’s Guaranteed to

If you grew up obsessed with Disney musicals like The Lion King and The Little Mermaid, feast your eyes on Ratatouille: The Musical. No, it’s not headed to the Broadway stage any time soon. Instead, the “Ratatousical” is the collective creation of clever, musical theater-loving minds on TikTok.

The musical joke began in August, when TikTok user Em Jaccs uploaded her ode to Remy, the chef rat from Ratatouille. “Remy, the Ratatouille, the rat of all my dreams,” sang Em in a mousy voice. “I praise you, oh Ratatouille, may the world remember your name.”

For the record, no, Remy is not actually the titular Ratatouille. Instead, “ratatouille” is a stewed vegetable dish, which Remy makes at the end of the film for a big food critic. It didn’t matter to TikTokers whether the lyrics of this song made any sense, though. In October, Daniel Mertzlufft—the man behind TikTok’s viral Grocery Store Musicaltook Em’s song and revamped it into a big musical number that sounds just like something out of Beauty and the Beast

“I’m a writer, composer, arranger, orchestrator. And I remember in middle school, high school, those were the things that got me into orchestration and arrangement: listening to the world that Disney builds. I think the orchestrations are just as integral to building the world of Disney as the actual music itself is, because it brings you into that world and makes it bigger,” Daniel explained to Vulture of how he crafted the musical sound. “I was very familiar with that, because I used to study it a lot. So, when I got to this, I knew what we needed: big tremolo strings. We need a French horn. We need lots of trumpet and brass. We need timpani. We need tubular bells. It’s all of those very specific, Disney-esque type sounds.”

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