Razer Kishi Evaluation: A Godsend for Cloud Gaming

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Prior to the pandemic, I had plenty of reasons for never ever tackling my growing stack of games. The lofty objective of discovering hours to sink into Red Dead Redemption 2 or The Last of Us appeared obtainable when I could chalk my lack of time as much as commutes, trips with buddies, and whatever else that kept me on my feet and out of the home. A year into lockdown, though, whenever the itch emerges to dive into a game or more, I seldom find myself reaching for my Switch or PS4.

Instead, I end up playing through one of the lots of games I’ve downloaded to my phone for many years. Like my PlayStation queue of games I require to play, I’ve got a substantial stockpile of iOS video games I’ve purchased over the years, normally as they go on sale, that I hadn’t touched prior to last March. After hours of aimlessly scrolling Twitter and Instagram, I finally dove into my games folder and tried my hand at a few titles. In the beginning, I mainly adhered to roguelike card video games, because I didn’t have to commit too much time to a session. After investing countless hours biking through Slay the Spire, beating Meteorfall and Solitairica with numerous classes, and completing Deck ‘Em, I wished to attempt something brand-new.

Ultimately, I found my method to/ r/iOSgaming, where mobile gaming enthusiasts collect to talk about their favorite games, request for and share suggestions, alert others of video game sales, and tease upcoming titles. On a site filled with undesirable neighborhoods, it’s a refreshing home for passionate mobile gamers to speak about the video games that absorb their screen time and bring a bit of happiness to an often uninspiring time. Trying to find a good rundown of fascinating games? There’s a weekly thread for that. Perhaps you’re searching for the best time-killing RPG. There’s a thread for that, too.


Around the exact same time, I received a Razer Kishi mobile controller for testing, so I turned to the subreddit for some controller-friendly suggestions. After checking out this thread and this website for great games with MFi controller assistance, I provided a lot of different video games a shot. With console ports like Stardew Valley, Hyper Light Drifter, Bastion, Dead Cells, and many others, all offered in addition to platform originals, there’s lots to pick from when you’re wanting to bring a Switch-like experience to your mobile phone.

The Kishi works excellent for these video games, too. To set it up, you tilt your phone sideways and dock it into the controller via the Lightning port. It’s a simple process, however, with my iPhone 12 Mini, the Kishi’s controller felt a bit less tough than my old 11 Pro. Flimsiness aside, however, the controls all work efficiently and the buttons feel responsive without being too clicky, though they’re a little on the mushy side.

It even works with Google Stadia, so you can slip your method through a private yacht celebration in Hitman without booting up the ol’ console. That experience is pretty simple, too– if you have actually played any PlayStation or Xbox games in the last few years, you won’t have much problem playing a Stadia game with the Kishi. If you don’t go the cloud gaming route, the Kishi still brings a near console-like experience to a device you’re already bring with you, offering you a familiar set of controls to fiddle around with. There’s even a Lightning port for you to keep your phone charged throughout longer sessions.

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The problem does not lie in the hardware, however. iOS games still require touch support, even if they’re finest had fun with a controller. As an outcome, games can’t fully welcome a controller-forward user interface, leaving you with large buttons that take up substantial pieces of the screen, or elements that can’t be chosen by means of the controller, regardless of having one linked. And in games with well-implemented assistance for the hardware, the controls may not be discussed in-game, so sometimes, you might need to simply discover as you go.

In instances where the controller boosts the experience, such as in Stardew Valley, Sayonara Wild Hearts, or Dead Cells, it’s simple to recommend the Kishi. Although iOS has support for PlayStation and Xbox controllers, the Kishi’s compact type aspect allows you to pack it in a bag without taking up too much room, and its dock-style body makes it easy to use on-the-go.


Unless you’re a die-hard iOS player, the Kishi’s $90 cost is a hard sell. But if you’re dead seat on the best method to play a few levels of Dadish on your lunch break, the Kishi deserves the splurge for a pocketable console that will not weigh down your bag.

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