I Lastly Attempted a Standing Desk, and Possibly You Should Too

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Standing desks have taken off in appeal over the previous a number of years, turning into an estimated $1.3 billion dollar market in 2019 as increasingly more people sought remedy for the reported health effects of sitting in a chair all day long.

Approved, there is some debate over the degree of the advantages of meaning part of the day versus sitting upright in a decently ergonomic desk chair, and some physiotherapists and medical professionals have actually recommended discovering a balance of time spent sitting and standing at work. Still, there’s no doubt that standing desks have earned devoted fans. Some say they feel more efficient working while standing, or they appreciate the versatility of a convertible sit-stand desk.

Perhaps you have actually seen standing desks pop up in your work environment. I have not: I have actually worked from house as a freelancer for 15 years now, and I’ve just ever had bog-standard sitting desks. Even then, I have actually never ever been great about working from the same area for very long. After a few concentrated hours of work to begin the day at my desk or the dining-room table, it’s hard to resist the desire to relocate to the sofa for a more casual extension to my day.


That’s hardly ever an excellent idea. Not only do I tend to lose an action on efficiency, however my back is a wreck from years of working from the sofa or bed, crunched up with my legs crossed to prop up my laptop computer. In 2015, I bought myself a larger L-shaped desk to get some extra surface area, but I didn’t even think about a standing desk in my shopping. Reality be told, the idea of composing while standing, by option, never appeared to click. Why trouble? Chairs are fantastic!

Simply recently in the course of my day-to-day work for Kinja Deals, however, Flexispot offered to send out a sample of its brand-new EC9 Quick Install Electric Standing Desk ($ 255 on Amazon with the clip of a discount coupon) to experiment with. It’s an uncomplicated, entry-level convertible desk that smoothly goes from 28.7″ seated to 48.4″ standing thanks to little electric buttons and a hydraulic motor.

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This was my opportunity to finally give a standing desk a whirl and see whether it stuck– and whether I could notice any real advantages. It arrived in a single box, and luckily, lived up to its “fast install” claims. While the Amazon listing’s claim of setup in less than five minutes is honestly ridiculous, it still took a fraction of the time of the previously mentioned L-shaped standard desk. The heavy legs screw into the surface area, the large feet screw into the legs, you link a couple of wires, and boom: standing desk.

Here’s what I didn’t expect about using a standing desk for the first time: it harms to represent a while, obviously? Possibly it’s the extra pandemic isolation at play, but I didn’t expect my feet and body to feel so aching just from representing a bit at a desk. It advised me of when I worked my very first shift at a part-time retail job as a teen 20 years earlier, and the next day got up feeling like my body was broken. I wasn’t quite that bad this time around, luckily, however the unexpected surprise was a familiar sensation.


In any case, getting used to a standing desk over the last number of months after a career full of sitting has been a change, to state the least. I have actually been working while standing in short spurts up until now, normally no more than an hour at a time. I also bought an anti-fatigue flooring mat from ComfiLife, which fits perfectly between the legs of the desk and supplies a spongy foam surface to assist keep my feet from disliking my brain and its decisions.

Getting utilized to a standing desk has actually also been a matter of changing my routine, too. I like the looseness of having the ability to step away and return without fumbling with a chair, although working while standing does feel different in practice. For example, while I like propping my MacBook Pro onto a laptop computer stand and utilizing an external keyboard and mouse while sitting at my desk, I discovered that I preferred to just utilize my laptop as-is while standing– no attachments. It minimizes time and hassle, at least.


After a couple of months of usage, I’ll be truthful: I can’t definitively say whether there are concrete health benefits to standing while working a few of the time. I still feel worn to hell most of the time, a mix of doubtful way of life choices undoubtedly amplified by the circumstances of the pandemic. Some weeks of standing desk usage isn’t going to reverse all of that, and it may not even make much of a damage. But I’m also at a point in my life where I understand that if I don’t start making modifications, I’m probably going to feel this rough for the rest of my days, if not possibly much worse.

In any case, my task is most likely not your job, so I can’t say whether a standing desk is going to fit well with your workflow and particular productive needs. I will say, however, that I appreciate the adaptability of the standing desk and the method it assists shake up my well-worn regimen– and if regular usage starts to make a teeny-tiny influence on the method I feel during the day, then it’ll be well worth it. Fingers crossed.

This particular desk meets my own reasonably undemanding requirements, considered that it’s durable and tall enough for me (being 6’2″), however it’s the only standing desk I’ve utilized so far. There are other alternatives around this cost point, in addition to much, much more expensive standing desks with additional features and added style, not to point out standing desk converters that can sit atop your existing desk. If you have actually been thinking about a standing desk, there’s probably an option out there that can fit your spending plan and fulfill your requirements.

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