How to Get Rid of Mice Without Actually Eliminating Them

No one likes a mice invasion, but not everyone wants to injure the furry vermin that may have penetrated your house. Thankfully, you can fend off mice without leaving their little carcasses scattered all over your flooring, attic, or anywhere else they might be hiding.

Here’s some ways to get rid of mice from your home without harming them, so you can keep your home– and your conscience– a little cleaner.


What mice do in your home

Don’t be fooled by Disney-inspired representations of mice– a singular mouse can be adorable, but together they’re conducive to filth and the structural deterioration of your house. Mice pee everywhere, use urine as a roadmap for other mice to follow, with each micro-puddle emitting aromas that other mice use to piece together a route to your food. They are respected breeders whose population can grow at blinding speeds. Their droppings spread out disease. They chew through electrical wire and will pillage your dry products and produce. They, rather honestly, are no enjoyable.

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But if you hear mice shuffling around at night, you don’t need to put up with their problem.

Use fragrances to coax them away

Mice hate some particular scents, most especially peppermint. You might find the smell enticing, but a mouse would rather bask in their own filth than be near peppermint oil, which is why you ought to soak some cotton balls in the things and put them strategically throughout your home. Cloves can likewise be utilized to fend off mice, and you can utilize them in a similar vein– peppered throughout your house where you think mice might be swarming.


The all-natural aroma option comes with a caution though: Mice are crafty and can most likely find out a method to prevent whatever traps you lay, and because scents aren’t extensively admired as a foolproof option, it’s best that you pair these steps with a couple of other tactics.


Secure your home to be safe from mice

You’ll want to account for the methods mice may be spilling into your home– basically through subtle little holes and cracks in the walls, floorings, and foundations where you live.


There are methods to mitigate this, generally by plugging the holes wherever they may be, utilizing wood, sheet metal, steel wool, or something else that’s extremely long lasting and fits inside the crevasses. Mice are quite tenacious when they’re inspired, so you wish to make sure the material you use isn’t going to break down over the long run.

Possibly most importantly, though, you need to ensure your home is a tidy environment that a household of mice would not have an interest in. That suggests ridding your house of any potential nesting locations, regularly taking out the garbage in addition to cleaning your garbage cans, and even sealing the gaps in your doors and windows with weather sealing tape.


Spread out a luminum foil

Mice and rats aren’t fans of aluminum foil, so spreading out sheets of aluminum foil around the locations you believe to be brimming with rodents may help deter them from entering. Still, mice are cunning, so be prepared for them to find some kind of sneaky workaround, given that you probably won’t curtain aluminum foil across all your floors.


Purchase non-lethal traps

These are the traps that do not kill or injure mice, at least not by style. This is sort of a timeless cartoon ploy: Just place the traps wherever you think mice might be swarming, put some kind of bait in the trap, and once a mouse gets in, the door will knock shut.


Non-lethal traps are rather of a labor extensive method if you wish to do it correctly. You’re undoubtedly not going to want to launch the mouse anywhere near your home, so you’ll need to drive it someplace a few miles away and release it into a favorable environment. You can discover non-lethal mouse traps at most hardware stores.

Usage other r epellents

Non-toxic chemical repellents come in various types: There’s sprays, pads, and ultrasonic repellents that give off high-frequency waves that you can’t hear, however sound like hell to mice. There’s no assurance that any one technique or combination will be adequate, so this is another one where you wish to attempt whatever combinations of deterrents and traps you feel are necessary for your mouse problem.

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