Change Your Voicemail Greeting When You Task Browse

Now more than ever, t here are many ways to sabotage yourself when looking for a job. Social media and digital profiles are baked into so many elements of our lives, bu t even if you’re not leaving incriminating posts on Twitter or Instagram, an older gaffe still remains that might see your chances of landing a brand-new task torpedoed if you do not pay attention: I’m talking about your silly, nonchalant voicemail welcoming.

After acing a task interview, the last thing you want is for a possible company to call you and hear a voicemail welcoming you saved after a keg celebration in college, o r one with music blaring in the background, or some slapdash welcoming that recommends you have little time or consideration for people attempting to get ahold of you. Or even worse– one of those prank voice mail messages where somebody pretends to answer the phone only to fool the caller with a taped message.

While how to leave an appropriate welcoming is pretty user-friendly, here are some examples that might shoot you in the foot if a prospective employer is unfortunate enough to call you and await the beep.


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For one thing, make sure your mail box isn’t full

Absolutely nothing screams “I do not have it together” like a full mailbox. For something, most people in younger friends– believe Millennials and Gen Z– aren’t particularly dependent upon voicemails anyway. However an employer is always going to leave you a voicemail– so when one does, you should not get caught with your pants down.

The repair? Simply take a seat and clear out your voicemail once a week, or perhaps when a month if it’s not particularly blocked.


Stop using your voicemail greeting as a joke

It’s amusing when you remain in high school, however leaving a within joke or some kind of scripted greeting suggested to prompt laughs loses its luster pretty quickly as soon as you grow up. Don’t get me wrong, it can be amusing, however opportunities are the joke is lost on an HR person calling you as much as conduct company.


As an option, conserve the audio file of your inside gag for posterity. Keep it buried in your phone or whatever hard disk drive you have on hand, and dig it up for fond memories’s sake when you wish to show pals. You can all value the memory of the ridiculous voicemail welcoming that probably shocked your older relative at one point, but that’s what it requires to stay– a memory.

No greeting at all may be just as bad

You’re not going to earn any plaudits for stopping working to set up your voicemail in the very first location. And in fact, it may harm you. As Andrea Barger, the head of PR at the task listings platform Snagajob wrote in 2016, having no greeting “makes you look a little lazy and can irritate the hiring supervisors.”


She goes on, stressing the value of not only having a welcoming as a baseline, but noting how a great welcoming can just work to your advantage:

Little things like an excellent voicemail can truly set you apart from your competitors. Think of it. Would you be more likely to want to speak with someone who is screaming about how much they dislike calling individuals back, or the person who merely asks you to leave a message?


Some useful pointers

For the clueless among us, there are a few ways to tape an appropriate voicemail welcoming. It can be concise, and does not need to go overboard in any sense.


As Aja Frost writes for Hubspot, you can tailor your greeting for expert, individual, trip, and even joke-y requirements. But a regular script will be adequate for whatever the circumstance is, she composes:

Voicemail greetings need to be expert, but the structure can vary depending upon the circumstance. Here’s a sample voicemail greeting script: “Hi, you’ve reached [name] at [business] I’m not able to come to the phone right now. Leave your name and number, and I’ll return your call as soon as I’m free. Thank you.”


If this is your personal device, you don’t need to discuss your business (though you can if that’s your speed). The point of a voicemail welcoming is to communicate something very simple: “I am not here right now, however I will call you back. Thank you for your time. Enjoy your day.” Beyond that, I wouldn’t recommend being more ambitious.

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