Is It Safe to Purchase and Sell on Present Card Exchanges?

After the vacations, shop present cards can sit in your wallet, unbothered for months– undoubtedly, at any given time, in between 10- 19% of present card balances remain unredeemed, and six percent of gift cards are never even used, according to The Hustle. Fortunately, you can sell these cards for actual cash on reseller sites. However are gift card exchan ge websites safe?

How gift card exchanges work

You can buy or offer gift cards on present card exchange sites, which act as brokers between buyers and sellers.B asically, you publish a listing for the gift card you want to sell, and as part of this listing you send the card’s number and PIN, which is validated by the site. The actual exchange is mostly digital, however it can consist of mailing physical cards, with the reseller acting as the middle male.


You’ll never sell a present card for 100% of its value, however, as the broker takes a small portion and buyers will anticipate some sort of discount (otherwise they ‘d just purchase present cards directly from merchants). But w hile you lose some worth, you’re also getting money that can be spent anywhere, not just in one shop. Plus, the loss in worth is much better than not utilizing it at all– if you have not utilized the card within 180 days, you’re more likely to not redeem the card at all, according to a Paytronix report.

Just how much you can earn also depends upon the appeal of your present card and how many are on the marketplace. A $100 Amazon or Visa gift card will have more demand, for instance, than, say, a $100 Arby’s present card. Anticipate to make between 50 – 92% of a card’ s value, depending on market need.

A word of care

Prevent the temptation to offer your cards by yourself utilizing eBay or Facebook, as it’s too easy to get scammed without a third-party broker. Instead, utilize only the most recognized present card websites that use client support, like CardCash, GiftCash, and Raise. You can begin with, which is an aggregator that compares offers from other reseller websites.


Nevertheless, even these larger sites need to be approached with a bit of caution, as they often get Better Business Bureau (BBB) problems about card rejections at retailers, as well as hold-ups in getting cards and payment.

Last December, the BBB provided an alert about the popular reseller Cardpool, which currently has an “F” ranking due to the volume of problems. That does not mean that all the other websites are the exact same, or that they do not use assistance or react to problems– it’s just something to bear in mind (personally, I ‘d be comfortable buying a gift card off one of these sites, but I ‘d likewise attempt to use it right now).


BBB uses these tips when considering utilizing a present card reseller:

Research the business before you purchase, sell, or trade.

Go to

Check out the problems and client evaluations of any online present card reseller that you might be thinking about.

Make certain business has easy to discover contact information.

Comprehend what the business’s policy is regarding refunds.

Utilize a payment method that will allow you to dispute the charges.

Instantly check the balance and any passwords or pins of any cards that you purchase.

Use the gift cards rapidly. This is particularly essential throughout COVID-19 with a larger variety of services closing their doors. When a shop goes out of business, their gift cards do, too. Discover more about what to do with your gift cards if a shop fails

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