Imitate ‘Wow’ to Discover the very best Gear Upgrades

While you may still be a terrible Wow player who can’t get excellent parses to conserve their life, do not let your equipment hold you back. I can’t assist you become a better gamer if you’re simply button-mashing you way through the video game, however there are a lot of tech tools you can utilize to make sure that you’re not losing valuable damage-per-second with bad equipment options.

The “replicating” aspect is the enjoyable part. To help you determine the absolute best gear for your character– consisting of which upgrades you need to take, when used an option– there are various tools that can run hundreds (or thousands) of Wacraft fight simulations. They’ll offer you an excellent idea of how various combinations of equipment may perform in the video game itself. The majority of tools, if they’re any excellent, will also offer you a suggestion of precisely what you need to equip for maximum potential DPS.

While my lazy self formerly depended on guides from Wowhead to equip my character, I have actually pertained to appreciate the speed and comprehensiveness of simulation tools like Ask Mr. Robotic, Raidbots, and SimulationCraft. I have actually used them to make my (constantly awful) Satanic force Hunter the very best he can be, and they’re exceptionally useful for helping me to find out what’s an upgrade, what’s a sidegrade, and what deserves ignoring amongst the scare pieces of loot I get nowadays.


To begin with mimicing, I recommend grabbing and installing two add-ons for World of Warcraft: Ask Mr. Robotic and Simulationcraft. You can use either to run simulations, however I find it’s useful to have both convenient.

I’ll start with the robot. Within the video game, you’ll click the icon for Ask Mr. Robot, which will provide you a huge chunk of text to copy:

Once you have actually done that, bring up Ask Mr. Robotic’s site in your internet browser. Try to find this box, where you’ll paste because large quantity of text:


Once you have actually done that, your character needs to appear:


Ask Mr. Robot has a bunch of features you can have fun with– some complimentary, some needing a premium membership to the website. The one you’ll likely utilize the most is the “Best in Slot” calculator, which runs through all the appearance offered in all the video game’s dungeons and raids and spits out a list of what you ought to be trying to find.

Just select your skills and your gearing method (single-target or multi-target), and then set numerous parameters based upon your character’s achievements and/or your goals.


For instance, you’ll wish to define the highest level of a Mythic+ dungeon you can run as well as the greatest level of any legendary gear you’re holding. You’ll then wish to pick which dungeons/raids and problems you wish to inspect– useful, state, if you’re moving into heroic Castle Nathria and you’re curious what upgrades await you, or if you just wish to restrict yourself to whatever Mythic dungeons you can run right now to see just how optimized your character is (and can be).

As soon as you’re done messing with the choices, click “Find finest in slot” to do just that, which will output a shopping list-like screen that tells you what equipment you ought to go discover and where you’ll get it:


You’ll also see a complete stat breakdown of your character, as well as a tip of how much more damage you’ll do if you follow Ask Mr. Robotic’s ideas. At this point, I typically click “Back to Setup” and tinker with more variables to get a sense of what my character’s future development might be– and where I need to commit my time, whether that’s running Mythics, playing PvP, or running raids.

That’s Ask Mr. Robotic– most likely one of the tools I’ve utilized the most to help ensure I’m not losing time in the game playing dungeons that don’t have any equipment I actually need. When it comes to Simulationcraft, the other beneficial addon, it runs much the same method. You’ll install it, and you’ll then copy a big string of text into other programs– even Simulationcraft itself, which likewise uses an app you can install on your system to run your own complex battle simulations as much as you desire.


Nevertheless, I believe a far better pairing is using Simulationcraft with the Raidbots site. To begin, hop into Wow, click on the Simulationcraft button, and copy whatever in the text box that appears:


You’ll then bring up Raidbots’ “Top Equipment” page and paste this text into the box. This will then provide you a whole host of things to select, which might feel confusing initially. Here’s the basic variation: Anything you choose will be compared versus your original gear and everything else you choose. So, for instance, on my list of equipment, I see this:


Products in yellow are those I currently have geared up. Whatever else is either things in my stock I could gear up, or products that I was used as part of Wow’s weekly Terrific Vault rewards system– given that I had actually copied the text when my vault was open but before I had selected a benefit, as everybody needs to do.

Anyway, I merely need to click any gear I wish to compare, which highlights it in yellow. To release the simulation, just click the big “Discover top gear” button at the bottom as soon as you’ve made your picks. And, yes, you can also utilize Raidbots to compare different conduits, famous items, soulbinds, enchantments, and even your character’s talents. It’s completely free to utilize, and one of the most comprehensive tools around for making sure your character is set up to perform at its peak.


Your results screen will look a little something like this:


Anything highlighted in yellow is an upgrade that Raidbots thinks you must make, based upon the results of its fight simulations. Scroll down a bit, and you’ll get a breakdown of how different mix of your equipment carried out. If you wish to run another simulation with different variables– a various fight design than an easy single-target face-off, a different fight length, more managers, et cetera– you’re more than welcome to. It’s still complimentary; you’ll simply need to wait in the line for your outcomes to process, which normally takes no longer than a minute or two.

While these simulation tools might look a wee complex initially, I advise you to dabble with them. You’ll get the hang of how they work rapidly enough, and you won’t be able to stop utilizing them each time you get a new piece of equipment and want to test whether it’s actually an upgrade or not. Honestly, I’ve discovered myself utilizing these simulation sites much more than the Pawn addon– and I’ve been shocked, in a good way, with what has actually been recommended to me. Absolutely nothing would be more irritating than losing a week’s worth of playtime targeting equipment that isn’t that much of an upgrade after all.

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