How to Buy and Sell Records Online

If you fancy yourself something of an audiophile and Spotify doesn’t cut it for you, you might be itching to begin (or build out) your own record collection. Transitioning to vinyl opens doors to an entire musical universe that might not even be offered on Spotify or other streaming services. Whether you’re aiming to start DJing or simply like the heat created by a needle touching your preferred LP, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying and selling wax online.

Develop your taste

Part of the adventure of collecting records is finding something unusual in the wild, or digging through crates for hours and turning up empty, just to discover a gem at the last minute. While anybody can and should listen to whatever records they desire, I advise looking outside the realm of contemporary mainstream pop if you want to create a substantial record collection, the reason being– and forgive me if I sound a tad snobby– the attraction of records comes partly from their physical reality, which often entitles you to rarities like embellished vinyl and unique bonus tracks. You do not always want to spend a ton of money on a basic album replicating material you could easily listen to on Spotify, do you?


But that’s just me– and you must absolutely do you while diving head first into the world of vinyl.

Buying your records online

If you’re searching for vinyl’s answer to eBay– that isn’t eBay– you will do no much better than Discogs. It’s not a bidding website, however it’s comparable because it provides a huge library of records sold by suppliers all over the world. Trying to find Brazilian disco? Detroit home? Japanese or Peruvian psych rock? Discogs has everything– and that isn’t an overstatement.

On Discogs, you can arrange by artist, album, manufacturer, or anything else you can type into a search bar, and rapidly discover yourself swimming through records, CDs, and tapes for sale. There are some things to be aware of: According to Joe Rihn, a writer, DJ, and the host of Audio Days, a show on the online radio station DubLab, “grading the condition of your records precisely is very crucial” when purchasing records on Discogs. This is because sellers will be delivering your purchase to you, so it is essential to know that whatever you’re purchasing is already in good physical shape.

When I’m searching for a specific record, the one I’m probably to buy will show a price, a condition category, and a shipping place (your records might be delivering from Europe, South America, or some other location far away).


As an option, Rihn suggests looking to your local record shop to see if they use online deals. (It likewise does not hurt to support regional organization in these financially thin time.) “A lot of local record shops run online shops, so even if the pandemic is preventing you from entering individual, you can still support small sellers,” he states.

Of course, you can purchase vinyl on eBay in a similar capability, and you can even throw records in with your bulk orders on Amazon. But the neighborhood thrives off regional vendors and grassroots activity, so I ‘d advise staying away from the business giants.


How to sell records online

If you wish to offer records on Discogs, it’s pretty easy: Just navigate to the “Market” button in the leading section of the site and start plugging in the numerous criteria to produce your listing. You might not discover yourself inundated with demands right off the bat, however if you’ve got something good available, a potential purchaser will ultimately note they are “interested” in among your items; you can continue to bargain from there.


Offering records on eBay is quite similar to selling anything else on the platform. There are other resources, too, but I truly would not suggest anything besides Discogs and eBay– the former for the robust choice while purchasing, and the latter to maximize your prospective profit when selling.

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