How to Upgrade 2021, With Cool Tools’ Mark Frauenfelder and Kevin

This week we’re finding out about the tools and tech we require to upgrade our lives in 2021, and h elping us are Mark Frauenfelder and Kevin Kelly– hosts of the Cool Tools podcast and the Cool Tools blog site. Listen to hear Mark and Kevin’s suggestions for what to get for the best work- from- house experience, their preferred new tech from 2020, and what they anticipate the future of work to look like post-pandemic.

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Highlights from today’s episode

From the Mark Frauenfelder and Kevin Kelly interview:

On why you should not stress excessive over choosing which software preparation or communication tool to utilize:

I find that in the very start, when tools are being first invented, there’s a lot of variation and there’s lots of trade-offs between them. However with time they tend to converge. And in interaction, in basic, interaction tools will exhibit a winner take all dynamic since of the benefits you have of having commonness. And then in time, like word processing program, it’s going to converge to a couple of.

Kevin Kelly on how he sets about choosing a physical tool:

I choose to discover things that are low-cost and free in the beginning to find out what I desire from that and what I truly wish to continue [with] if I’m going to utilize it extremely often. And then as I use a tool like that or find it the quality where I can value it, then I type of go up into buying that life time tool. I do not begin with life time tools. That contrasts a great deal of other individuals’s policy about tools as they type of want the very best. Why not get the really, very best that you can afford? And I’m stating, even if I might afford it, I don’t. I’ll start with the low-cost as a technique to kind of determine what I desire. At the very same time, if I’m utilizing a tool for a very long time, then I certainly want to go up that.


To hear more of Mark and Kevin’s ideas for finding the very best tools, we recommend listening to the complete episode.

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