Twenty One Pilots’ Tyler Joseph Apologizes After Insensitive Tweet About Using His “Platforms”

There’s a level of concern over Twenty One Pilots frontman Tyler Joseph‘s latest tweets. 

The Grammy-winning performer caught some flak on Wednesday, Sept. 2 after some didn’t find his attempt at a joke funny. 

“You guys keep asking me to use my platforms,” he tweeted along with photos of platform sneakers. “Feels good to dust these bad boys off.”

After receiving backlash from fans over the quip, Joseph launched into a series of more serious tweets about putting mental health first. “Your own mental health should always be a priority,” he urged. “I’m amazed at how easy it is to forget that simple fact. it’s something that can sneak up on you, then eventually you check in on it and realize it’s in really bad shape.”
“I’m trying to cut through to who really needs to hear this,” the singer continued. “This is tough, but it’s not hopeless. fighting for your mental health is not public, it’s not glorious, it’s not even interesting, but it’s the greatest challenge you will face.”
Joseph went on to share a few of his personal methods for coping. “I use music, humor, being alone, breaks from social media, family, uncomfortable and honest conversations with friends, and sometimes crying,” he listed. “A few tools, but they don’t all work for everyone. find what helps you take back ground lost.”

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